Scipio Community Church

Again welcome to Scipio Community Church online. I am Adam Sabo and the pastor of SCC. I count it a privilege to be serving at this church and in this community. God has given incredible promises to His church and to His children, whereby we may look to expect great things in the times ahead, as long as we continue to abide in Him.
One of our core values at SCC is to teach God's word. As times change and the world around us seems almost surreal, it is good to know that there are some things which can always be relied upon. Such as God and the Bible. It's amazing how often we have to rewrite and reprint all the "books of knowledge" mankind has formulated. While the bible has never changed its story or its claims and has no need to be altered. It happens to be one of the few things that can be counted on yesterday, today and forever. And the same is true about the One of whom it speaks; God Himself. What you and I understand about God is the most important thing we could ever come to grips with. Please take time, if you haven't, to consider the claims of Christ found in the New Testament. Almost everyone in America has a perspective on Jesus and many believe it is accurate. Yet without your own personal reading of the scripture you may be alarmed at what you have picked up somewhere along the way that didn't come from God's word.
Also if you live in the area, we invite you to stop in. And please let us know anyway we can help.
God Bless you.
In Him-

Pastor Adam Sabo